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Take Action

Here's What You Can Do:

#1 Sign Up For Our Email List

We will keep in touch, send updates, as well as calls to action when the hotel comes before the City Council or Planning Commission.  We must delay the sale of of our property for development of the luxury hotel!

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#2 Vote Yes on Measure O 
For Our Downtown, Our Future

A grassroots coalition of organizations and community members have qualified a ballot measure for the November elections.  If we pass it, the City will not be able to sell these publicly-owned parking lots to the hotel developer.  Only affordable housing could be developed "above the ground floor."  The ground floor could remain parking, it could become a park, day care facilities, or anything else our community decides we need.

#3 Email Council Members Who Support Hotel

Two of our City Council Members are running for 3rd District Supervisor.  Justin Cummings is on our side, but Shebreh Kalantari-Johnson supports selling our public land to build this luxury hotel. She should hear what our community thinks about this misuse of City property.
Ask City Council Member Shebreh Kalantari-Johnson to oppose this hotel!
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