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Sell publicly owned land to build a hotel?  
That's the City's plan!

The planned hotel, with 220 rooms and 15 parking spaces, would:

  • Use space that is zoned for housing, while creating more low-wage service jobs, thus worsening our terrible housing shortage.

    • Low-paid workers would need to commute from more affordable communities, adding to roadway congestion.

  • Send majority of profits out of state, to New York.

  • Bring over 200 more cars to Santa Cruz on busy weekends.  

    • These cars would have no parking other than in publicly subsidized parking lots and parking garages.  

    • Could this be why the city wants to build another parking garage where we currently gather for the weekly Downtown Farmers' Market?

As community members, we STRONGLY DISAGREE with this plan.

We need affordable housing, not a luxury hotel in Santa Cruz!

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