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What's the City's plan?

Replace two city-owned lots and
one community bank with a


Build Housing Not A Hotel!

Who We Are

A cross section of Santa Cruz community members who desire a thriving, resilient, and affordable community.  

What We Want

Development that serves everyone—particularly our workers and youth, the essential building blocks of strong, healthy communities. We intend to pressure decision-makers to change course, advocating with as much joy as possible—because community is joyful!

Why NOT A Luxury Hotel
In The Heart Of Santa Cruz?

  • Housing Crisis - Building a luxury hotel on land occupied by a community bank and 2 City- owned lots in one of the most expensive cities in the the world to live in—while rents are outrageous and soaring and hundreds are living on the streets—is reprehensible.

  • Climate Emergency - We MUST provide housing for city workers—builders, service workers, teachers, cleaners, waiters, fire fighters— near jobs, bus lines, and essential services, in order to reduce our dependence on cars. 

  • Severe Drought -  With a critical water shortage and coming water use restrictions as well as the threat of fire, building a 228 room luxury hotel with 2 swimming pools and a roof top spa and showering hundreds of visitors is reckless and counter productive.

  • Traffic Congestion - When full, the proposed hotel—slated to offer only 15 parking spaces—will bring 228 cars into our downtown causing horrific traffic snarls and filling parking lots paid for with our tax $!

  • Revenue Loss -  Taxes paid by the mostly-back East developers won’t go back into our community.

  • Loss of Diversity, Humanity, Community - Because of unaffordable housing, we have seen an exodus of community members with deep ties to Santa Cruz. When our children, grandchildren, young families, working class, teachers, college graduates, seniors…. can’t afford to live here, we lose the tapestry and heart of community.

Learn more about the City's plan and why it's wrong
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to our legal and campaign fund.

We Can Stop This!

We had a festive, family-friendly rally on June 4th 

Read about it!
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